Mr Ding Kian Seng’s quiet confidence instantly sets Madam Norah at ease. Madam Norah, 74, was bound to her wheelchair after a stroke in October 2019 affected her speech, mobility and memory. When Mr Ding took over the work of pushing her chair, it offered respite for her youngest daughter and primary caregiver, Ms Nadia Daeng.

Forest Bathing in the Singapore Botanic Gardens Does Wonders for Mental...

To counter the stress of Covid-19, Nature Reconnections immerses individuals in the smells, sights and sounds of Singapore’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A key part of the morning’s activities was a relaxation workshop run by The Art of Living (AOL) Foundation. Through guided exercises, volunteers teach the migrant workers how to practise mindfulness and stretch their tight muscles. “These sessions have been well received and have immensely benefited our migrant brothers. They have also helped to build a community of peer and local support that has been instrumental in sustaining their mental and social health beyond the confines of their rooms,” says mindfulness volunteer lead, Mr Vetrivel Shanmugasundaram.

A Breath of Fresh Air, Reprieve from Isolation for Migrant Workers

After months of quarantine, migrant workers prepare to rejoin the community and adjust to the new life ahead of them.

3 Charities that Provide Clean and Safe Homes

A home is a basic need to most of us but the low-income and elderly lack the ability to keep their own quarters clean and safe. Knowing these needs, 3 charities and their volunteers are doing their part to meet needs. Covid-19 may have complicated their operations, but they are innovating to seek out the help they need.
Straits Clan Community Kitchen

More Who Go Hungry: Volunteers Go the Extra Mile

Those who have lost jobs in the Covid-19 pandemic must now depend on safety nets that come in the form of government payouts. For those that fell through the cracks, here's how charities and initiatives in Singapore stepped in to provide free or affordable meals so they don't have to go hungry.
YouthGo! social workers engage with their clients

Engaging Youth-At-Risk During Covid-19

Most children in Singapore could simply be worried about whether Covid-19 has affected preparation for their year-end examinations. However, there are some youths who are concerned about survival. 
Beneficiary Elijah, 12 has global development delay. After more than 20 sessions (10 sessions per term), his family has noticed the benefits of hippotherapy in his motor posture, control, social interaction and confidence.

Including the Disabled in the New Normal

Charities serving the disabled have to resort to taking things online, or pushing forward as far as they can while still respecting Covid-19 rules and regulations. You can help too by volunteering or donating.

How Volunteers See and Meet the Invisible Needs of Migrant Workers

These volunteers stepped up at a crucial time to discover the unarticulated needs of these “transient workers” while they are here in Singapore, leading to creative and innovative solutions.

Singaporeans’ Nature of Empathy is Yielding Pearls of Resilience as We...

The best solutions answer the most urgent needs facing communities and our Singaporean brand of empathy can lead to innovations for economic recovery. Celebrating the International Day of Charity in 2020.
Through the Project HomeWorks programme, Habitat for Humanity Singapore eliminates poverty housing conditions and provides decent living conditions for those in need. BRYAN VAN DER BEEK

Singaporeans Innovate as They Work to Help Others Through Covid-19’s Fallout

For eight weeks, WhatAreYouDoing.Sg followed individuals, staff at social service agencies and charitable groups as they battled the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.
This kitchen comes alive at 4am when the cooking starts. Willing Hearts provides over 9,000 meals a day now, up from 6,500 before the Circuit Breaker.

Willing Hearts: Meals for the Needy Have Risen from 6,500 to...

The charity, founded by Mr Tony Tay, plans to expand its kitchen to cater for different communities, and to build a homeless shelter that will also offer training for those in need.
Children, aged seven to 14, are invited — even encouraged — to “act out”. At the CampusImpact Theatre Thursday special four-week session led by Pangdemonium, they listen to stories, and give voice to their feelings through artistic expression with facilitators Ms Serene Martin, 37; Ms Marie Gabriel, 40; and Mr Zack Pang, 21.

Stay with Me: Social Workers Focused on Children and Youth Watch...

Children and youth need face-to-face human interaction to process complex emotions, or risk developmental challenges as they grow up.
Mr Prem Kumar, director of Singapore After-Care Association (SACA), personally tends to the area cleaning of the organisation’s office 81 Dunlop Street. SACA works with former offenders and their families, and has for more than a decade run a programme called Initiative for Incarcerated Mothers and Affected Children (IMAC), which seeks to address issues related to the care of their children.

Meet the People Working Hard to Protect the Young from Covid-19’s...

Charities in Singapore rethink their outreach programmes to help the young overcome socio-economic, emotional and health problems.
Through the Project HomeWorks programme, Habitat for Humanity Singapore eliminates poverty housing conditions and provides decent living conditions for those in need. BRYAN VAN DER BEEK

Redefining Community Service in a Socially-Distanced World

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on public volunteerism, there is an urgent need to think outside the box to contribute more than just cash to charities in Singapore. (READ MORE)
Grace Xu, senior social worker at AWWA’s Transitional Shelter with beneficiary, Lin and her two children.

More Who Need Help, Fewer Donations: How Charities in Singapore Do...

As donations slide, charities’ primary concern is how to serve their beneficiaries — from disadvantaged children to abandoned pets — with fewer resources...(READ MORE)

The Disability Equation

When donations to groups working with the disabled fall short, beneficiaries and their families take the blows. In partnership with National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) – Towards a City of Good... (READ MORE)
(L-R) Sign of the Times: Mr Imran Mohamad, director of operations; Ms Melissa Tan, intern; and Ms Charlotte Goh, executive director, with the rest of the team from Playeum seen on laptop screens. Playeum is an independent charity that develops life skills in children through play, creativity and the arts.

“We Have Not Been Sitting Idle”: Arts Groups Persevere Through Digitalisation...

Despite the challenges faced by businesses across all sectors, arts groups in particular have persisted in their mission, turning to alternative ways to make a living while theatres and performance spaces remain silent... (READ MORE)
Staff of the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film return to their centre for the first time since the start of the Circuit Breaker to find weeds taking over its once-pristine forecourt. They take the opportunity to start moving framed photographs from their last exhibition before closing from the Chapel Gallery to the administrative block to prepare for the next phase of re-opening.

Keeping Singapore’s Arts and Heritage Alive

Little by little, Ms Lim Su Pei and her team at OH! Open House watched two years of planning implode over the course of the COVID-19 situation. The independent arts group’s first international show in its 10 years of operation, WOOD 2020, aimed to turn old factories into living exhibition spaces... (READ MORE)
Mr Chong Siew Yin fabricating the interior covers for the negative pressure system.

Hey, Hey We’re the MINIs!

The engineering team building the COMET fleet is no stranger to tough briefs. For them, designing medical transport for COVID-related passengers is a less complex gig than their usual work: building special function vehicles... (READ MORE)


Yu Hsin Ying, 5, (left), and Lirthika Karthigayan, 6, are Stay Safe Heroes at PCF Sparkletots Braddell Heights. Stay Safe Heroes were introduced to all PCF Sparkletots preschools in June.

How Children Learn to Stay One Metre Apart Through Games and...

Safe distancing is hard — especially for the very young. Here are some ways these childcare centres and kindergartens have had to get creative to remind children to practise good hygiene and keep a metre apart to avoid germs.

Love in the Time of Covid-19

After 37 years together, he finally proposed. “All of a sudden, he asked if we could get registered (for marriage),” says 84-year-old bride, Madam Chia Pee Kim. Find out how their wedding happened under the most unusual of circumstances.
Teachers at iC2 PrepHouse use Zoom to reach their young clients who are visually impaired. iC2’s mission is to help visually impaired young people develop confident living in a sighted community.

Visually Impaired Children Find it Harder to Adjust to Digital Learning

With guidance from teachers, they are able to adapt through activities like picture search, spot-the-difference, and stories to build on their visual efficiency skills.
Mr David Choo, 30, champions REACH Rock Steady, a year-long programme that uses music to build confidence for youths through practice and performance.

Performing Pop Music Offers Stress Relief and Confidence-Building for Youth

For troubled youth, REACH Rock Steady is a safe space to learn music at their own pace while allowing their self-esteem to blossom.
Mr Matlisah bin Chela enjoys art therapy at the Assisi Hospice Day Care Centre

How a Wanderer Found an Anchor in the Form of Art...

Since the age of 30, Mr Matlisah bin Chela spent his nights under the stars. It was only when he suffered COPD that he found happiness and a roof over his head.
Ms Kirti Harnal does warm-up exercises taught by the Heart Wellness Centre.

Heart Attack Survivor Kirti Rehabilitates at Home Post-CB

For heart patients like Ms Kirti Harnal, leaving her house during the Covid-19 pandemic comes with a certain level of fear. But this hasn’t stopped her from building her strength with the help of the Singapore Heart Foundation.
YouthGo! social workers engage with their clients

Youth Workers Game and TikTok for Outreach

YouthGo! social workers get creative with a slew of online tools, from Instagram to TikTok, to befriend and engage youth at risk.
Teams prepare mask vending machines

All Masked and Ready to Go

A look behind the scenes at how 1,200 vending machines were rolled out to dispense antimicrobial masks for residents of Singapore.

Inside the World of Daniel Sng: Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy

Daniel’s family has rallied around him since he was six, when he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The 15-year-old now does daily exercises with the help from his mother and younger brother.
Teachers at Canossian School don transparent masks to help students with hearing loss understand them better as they are given a “window” to view facial expressions – an important part of speech reading.

Because Language is So Much More Than Words

How an independent sewing and printing studio helped to break the sound barrier for hearing-impaired students with a nifty little idea – transparent face masks for better speech reading.
Tay Ming Jun, 3, being guided by his sister, Tay Wan Xuan, 10, as he watches educational programmes on an iPad at home. Extraordinary People helps provide speech therapy lessons online for Ming Jun.

Early Babe Plays Catch Up

With weekly therapy sessions at Extraordinary People Limited, Tay Ming Jun, three, now speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien.
As arts spaces remain closed, our local artists stay committed to their craft in the quiet of their own homes. This story is the third in a series looking at how arts and heritage groups are coping during Covid-19.

In Focus: The Artist at Home

As arts spaces remain closed, our local artists stay committed to their craft in the quiet of their own homes. This story is the third in a series looking at how arts and heritage groups are coping during Covid-19.
How Children are Social Distancing with Style

How Children are Social Distancing with Style

DIY social distancing hats help pre-schoolers show off their uniqueness while learning about new safety measures in class.

Agents of Shields: Facing the New Normal

Hairdressers prepare for more customers as the circuit breaker ends and phase one of our reopening begins.
Senior gets free haircut during Circuit Breaker

Hair for a Cause: The Power of Making the Cut

Mr Manuel Welen has a haircut and shave in time for his 68th birthday on June 1, 2020. He is one of many seniors living alone in Cassia Crescent.