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The Disability Equation

When donations to groups working with the disabled fall short, beneficiaries and their families take the blows... (READ MORE)
(L-R) Sign of the Times: Mr Imran Mohamad, director of operations; Ms Melissa Tan, intern; and Ms Charlotte Goh, executive director, with the rest of the team from Playeum seen on laptop screens. Playeum is an independent charity that develops life skills in children through play, creativity and the arts.

“We Have Not Been Sitting Idle”: Arts Groups Persevere Through Digitalisation...

Despite the challenges faced by businesses across all sectors, arts groups in particular have persisted in their mission, turning to alternative ways to make a living while theatres and performance spaces remain silent... (READ MORE)
Staff of the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film return to their centre for the first time since the start of the Circuit Breaker to find weeds taking over its once-pristine forecourt. They take the opportunity to start moving framed photographs from their last exhibition before closing from the Chapel Gallery to the administrative block to prepare for the next phase of re-opening.

Keeping Singapore’s Arts and Heritage Alive

Little by little, Ms Lim Su Pei and her team at OH! Open House watched two years of planning implode over the course of the COVID-19 situation. The independent arts group’s first international show in its 10 years of operation, WOOD 2020, aimed to turn old factories into living exhibition spaces, with a site-specific art show designed for about 10,000 people... (READ MORE)
Mr Chong Siew Yin fabricating the interior covers for the negative pressure system.

Hey, Hey We’re the MINIs!

The engineering team building the COMET fleet is no stranger to tough briefs. For them, designing medical transport for COVID-related passengers is a less complex gig than their usual work: building special function vehicles... (READ MORE)

Bridging the Digital Divide, One Tech Device at a Time

At the Jalan Besar Stadium, the home of Singapore football, a team of “nerds” are teaming up to try and score a decisive goal. Instead of boots and shin-pads, their battle armour is usually flip-flops or sandals, sometimes the odd track shoe... (READ MORE)

Chefs on a Mission: Building a Community Kitchen

Chefs Daniel Sia of The Lo & Behold Group and Damian D’Silva of Kin, together with other top chefs in the country, joined their recipes and hearts to provide meals for more than 400 migrant workers in need of food support... (READ MORE)


Silently Building a Dream One Step at a Time

Mr Vasulthan Yuogan, 22, was born deaf, and is currently studying IT network and systems at higher NITEC at ITE East. He calls his achievements humble, and says they would not have been possible without the support of The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf).
Mr Yuogan has lived in the Singapore Boys Home since he was eight. Never having had a house to call his own, he now dreams of settling into his own place. Being born deaf has been a challenge at school for this 22-year-old at school, he is not giving up.

Inside the World of Daniel Sng: Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy

Daniel’s family has rallied around him since he was six, when he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The 15-year-old now does daily exercises with the help from his mother and younger brother.

Because Language is So Much More Than Words

Teachers at Canossian School don transparent masks to help students with hearing loss understand them better as they are given a “window” to view facial expressions – an important part of speech reading.
How an independent sewing and printing studio helped to break the sound barrier for hearing-impaired students with a nifty little idea – transparent face masks for better speech reading.

Early Babe Plays Catch Up

Tay Ming Jun, 3, being guided by his sister, Tay Wan Xuan, 10, as he watches educational programmes on an iPad at home. Extraordinary People helps provide speech therapy lessons online for Ming Jun.
With weekly therapy sessions at Extraordinary People Limited, Tay Ming Jun, three, now speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien.

In Focus: The Artist at Home

As arts spaces remain closed, our local artists stay committed to their craft in the quiet of their own homes. This story is the third in a series looking at how arts and heritage groups are coping during Covid-19.
As arts spaces remain closed, our local artists stay committed to their craft in the quiet of their own homes. This story is the third in a series looking at how arts and heritage groups are coping during Covid-19.