Jill Alphonso with her husband

Jill Alphonso Shoots Down Breast Cancer Misconceptions

Writer and yoga teacher Ms Jill Alphonso was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2022. In this second of our four-part series documenting her treatment, she uncovers the battle strategies behind her scars.
Ms Alphonso shares a tender moment with her husband Mr Justin Noreikis before she goes under the knife. As her primary caregiver post-surgery, the couple worked together with a therapist to ensure they would be prepared emotionally and mentally for what was to come.

When Breast Cancer Upturns Her Life, Jill Alphonso Fights Back

Writer and yoga teacher Ms Jill Alphonso documents her experience with breast cancer after being diagnosed in November 2022.
Social media influencer, Ms Annette Tan decorates a chocolate cake for Baked for Good SG.

Baking Time for Those in Need

Culinary consultant Ms Annette Tan decorates a hazelnut chocolate cake for Bake For Good SG, set up by sisters Melanie and Mabel Lim.