3 Charities that Provide Clean and Safe Homes

A home is a basic need to most of us but the low-income and elderly lack the ability to keep their own quarters clean and safe. Knowing these needs, 3 charities and their volunteers are doing their part to meet needs. Covid-19 may have complicated their operations, but they are innovating to seek out the help they need.
Straits Clan Community Kitchen

More Who Go Hungry: Volunteers Go the Extra Mile

Those who have lost jobs in the Covid-19 pandemic must now depend on safety nets that come in the form of government payouts. For those that fell through the cracks, here's how charities and initiatives in Singapore stepped in to provide free or affordable meals so they don't have to go hungry.
YouthGo! social workers engage with their clients

Engaging Youth-At-Risk During Covid-19

Most children in Singapore could simply be worried about whether Covid-19 has affected preparation for their year-end examinations. However, there are some youths who are concerned about survival.