Daniel Tay, 41, a retired financial advisor, works part-time at his friend’s minimart in Little India. He is the go-to person for groups or individuals keen on food rescuing or who would like to start a community fridge here.

Daniel Tay: Freegan for the People

How freegan, Mr Daniel Tay adopted a more frugal lifestyle to reduce his carbon footprint and find fulfilment rescuing discarded food.
Madam Sandy Goh believes in getting residents involved in activities to foster closer ties within the community. With the elderly, getting them involved in food distributions or decorating the Senior Residents’ Corner gives them a sense of purpose. It keeps them active and encourages them to interact with others so that they do not feel alone.

Sandy Goh: Champion of the Kampung Spirit

Since setting up home in Bedok Reservoir estate in 2005, Madam Sandy Goh has, without fuss or fanfare, organised community initiatives to help and engage residents. The Covid-19 pandemic has since motivated her to do more to support her community through the difficult times. Her hope is for the efforts to help build a strong ‘kampung’ culture and create a caring community.
Youth from Cheng San Chapalang Club stand in front of the club at the Cheng San Community Club

A Youth-led Endeavour: Cheng San Chapalang Club

Singaporean youths rally to minimise waste and help those in need by spearheading the Cheng San Chapalang Club, a community gifting drive.