Peace and Daniel Lim, 18 and 15, distribute items to migrant workers

Teenagers, But Already Pros at Crisis Relief

Singaporean teens have been helping in overseas crisis situations since they were in kindergarten. Over the past pandemic year, the siblings have directed their efforts homeward.
Daniel Tay, 41, a retired financial advisor, works part-time at his friend’s minimart in Little India. He is the go-to person for groups or individuals keen on food rescuing or who would like to start a community fridge here.

Daniel Tay: Freegan for the People

How freegan, Mr Daniel Tay adopted a more frugal lifestyle to reduce his carbon footprint and find fulfilment rescuing discarded food.
Madam Sandy Goh believes in getting residents involved in activities to foster closer ties within the community. With the elderly, getting them involved in food distributions or decorating the Senior Residents’ Corner gives them a sense of purpose. It keeps them active and encourages them to interact with others so that they do not feel alone.

Sandy Goh: Champion of the Kampung Spirit

Since setting up home in Bedok Reservoir estate in 2005, Madam Sandy Goh has, without fuss or fanfare, organised community initiatives to help and engage residents. The Covid-19 pandemic has since motivated her to do more to support her community through the difficult times. Her hope is for the efforts to help build a strong ‘kampung’ culture and create a caring community.
Ms Lesli Berggren founded LOVE, NILS to help give emotional support to cancer patients and their families. She lost her son to cancer seven years ago.

Lending a Shoulder to Families with Cancer

When cancer strikes young children, the suffering is hard on both the child and family members. While medical treatment in Singapore is excellent for the child, little attention, however, is paid to the family’s emotional needs. To help fill the gap, Ms Lesli Berggren, who lost her son to complications that arose after beating cancer, launched charity LOVE, NILS in memory of him.
While most of their peers sought temporary jobs over the December school holidays last year, Ms Joyce Tong and Ms Christabel Ng, both 17, found greater purpose in volunteering and instead. The pair took the initiative to run extra tutoring sessions (with games and badminton afterwards) for three girls in the Chai Chee community as part of KidzCare @ Kembangan-Chai Chee’s ‘Homework Club’ programme.

Joyce Tong & Christabel Ng: Young Lives impacting Young Lives

Friends Joyce Tong and Christabel Ng, both 17, spent their December school holidays last year volunteering and reaching out to three girls in the Chai Chee community, providing academic coaching as well as fun and games under KidzCare @ Kembangan-Chai Chee’s ‘Homework Club’ programme.
CMSC migrant worker mental wellness – Jewel Yi

Jewel Yi: Driving Occupational Justice

Ms Jewel Yi will be the first to point out that being kept in a room for months — even at a hotel — can be a prison. The occupational therapist believes there’s more to do to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, and it starts with friendship.

Eugene Heng: Guardian of Singapore’s Waters

The environment is often overlooked in the dialogue involving Covid-19. Waterways Watch Society reminds us of the importance of preserving and protecting our waters — even in a pandemic.
Ms Ong Bee Yong, principal social worker and Crisis Relief Alliance (CRA)’s counselling director

Ong Bee Yong: Supporting Communities in their Mental Health Through Covid-19

At the mental health front of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Ong Bee Yong has led her team from the Crisis Relief Alliance in serving the mental and emotional needs of healthcare workers and the migrant worker community.
Beng Who Cooks delivered about 100 poke bowls a day at the height of the Circuit Breaker to those in need, earning the “People of Good” award at the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award 2020 Special Edition – Our Finest Hour in the City of Good.

Beng With Big Heart

Beng Who Cooks delivered about 100 poke bowls a day at the height of the Circuit Breaker to those in need, earning the “People of Good” award at the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award 2020 Special Edition – Our Finest Hour in the City of Good.
Ms Eleanor Yap, founder of Ageless Online

Eleanor Yap: Amplifying the Voices of Seniors in Singapore

To help lonely and isolated seniors during lockdown, Ms Eleanor Yap set up Project BUDDY to connect seniors with people who could provide a listening ear.
Madam Amy Lee, 71, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Working through the pain and discomfort of chemotherapy that immobilised her at points, she sought help getting cloth delivered to her, and found a community that showers her with well wishes, food, and concern about her health

Amy Lee: The Quiet, Determined Fighter

Two-time breast cancer survivor Aunty Amy works more than 10 hours a day sewing masks for vulnerable groups as a volunteer with Masks Sewn With Love.
Firdaus Abdul Hamid, 39, overcame the stigma of his past as an ex-offender with grit, determination and hard work. Staying strong and positive despite his roller-coaster journey to recovery from a traumatic car accident, he pushed forward to found Human Hearts, a non-profit organisation focused on the holistic development of ex-offenders.

Firdaus Abdul Hamid: How An Ex-offender Changed the Course of His...

He was locked up five times before he was 25. But Mr Firdaus Abdul Hamid changed his life after a road accident almost killed his family. Now, he works with ex-offenders and youths to help them get back on track.
Ms June Chua, 47, founder of Singapore’s first and only homeless shelter for transgender (trans) women, cares for the small and often marginalised transgender and transgender sex worker community in Singapore. The T Project shelter has become a haven where they receive support and daily necessities until they regain independence.

June Chua: Taking a “Tough Love” Approach to Sheltering the Homeless...

While homeless transgender women and those living with HIV can count on The T Project for safe refuge, Ms June Chua looks forward to the day her shelter is redundant.
Dr William Wan, 73, serves a community of ex-offenders and their families to overcome discrimination and successfully reintegrate into society through his work as the chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore. Since Covid-19, he has helped his beneficiaries cope with the loneliness and mental stress from their isolation in their one-room rental flats.

Dr William Wan: Helping Ex-Offenders Reintegrate into Society

Enabling families and individuals to overcome discrimination and restore their dignity is a long but rewarding journey for the chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore.
Fion Wong, founder of Keeping Hope Alive, briefs her team of volunteers before they start work at the one- and two-room rental flats in blocks 89 and 90 Redhill Close

Fion Phua: Keeping Hope Alive for Singaporeans in Need

How one woman chooses to spend Sunday mornings knocking the doors of one- and two-room rental flats to provide food, a clean home, and a haircut
Mr Hazrin Chong Abdullah, qualified equestrian coach and riding instructor at RDA Singapore has spent the last three decades working with horses and now helps riders with special needs.

Hazrin Chong Abdullah: Turning a Passion for Horse Riding into a...

Helping those with special needs experience something different through horse-assisted therapy sessions run by RDA Singapore.
Inspired to help the people in their neighbourhood, Ms Mae Tan, Ms Denise Tay and Ms Michelle Lau set up the #KampungKakis platform – a neighbourhood buddy system to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

#KampungKakis: Reigniting the Neighbourly Spirit to Support the Vulnerable

Inspired to help their community, three young Singaporeans set up a buddy-matching system to support neighbours in need with everyday errands, learning how to use WhatsApp, and a little kindness.
Dr Roland Yeow, Executive Director, Boys’ Town

Dr Roland Yeow: Innovating at Boys’ Town During Lockdown

Staying in 24/7 at Boys’ Town during the Circuit Breaker could’ve been a tinderbox waiting to ignite, but Dr Roland Yeow and his team turned it into an exercise in bond-building.