Benjamin Tay, executive director, PM Haze

Funding the Future of our Environment

With the pandemic at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it seemed as though everyone forgot about the perils of the human impact on the environment. WAYD talks to two organisations that continue to advocate for these issues, despite the fall in funding for the year.
DBS x MINDS tour the Marina Bay Sands

Outing by the Bay Provides Reprieve for MINDS Beneficiaries Stuck at Home on Zoom

Long-awaited sailing sessions postponed as a result of downpour, but MINDS beneficiaries and volunteers from DBS still connected over an outing by the Bay where they feasted on the lifestyle precinct’s sights and sounds.
Project Coconut provides seniors with smartphones

Coconut Smartphones a Lifeline for Seniors

How Hwa Chong Institution students, collectively known as “Project Coconut”, helped raise $30,000 to obtain smartphones for uncontactable elderly.