Mr Charlie Chia, known affectionately as “Uncle Charlie” to other volunteers of the Fridge Restock Community, is the eldest of the organisation’s food rescuers.

On a Mission to Rescue “Ugly” Foods

“Uncle Charlie” has a personal mission to raise awareness about food waste in an industry he worked in for more than 40 years.
Ms Wee Wah Meng left her corporate job in 2016 to join the social service sector and she has never looked back since. She finds greater meaning in what she does now as head of AMKFSC Community Services’ SG Cares Volunteer Centre team.

From Breaking Rice Bowls to Rebuilding Lives

Human resource practitioner turned matchmaker for volunteers: Wee Wah Meng shares how she went from breaking rice bowls to rebuilding lives.
Madam Manomani is constantly by her son Thimajit’s side, watching over him in case he needs help. Thimajit was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects his muscles, coordination, movement and speech.

The Support to Stand Strong

Madam K Manomani has devoted her life to caring for her son, who has cerebral palsy. She is grateful for how social worker Kohilavani Dhakshanamorthy, from the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), has supported her, becoming a friend and confidante.