Alternative Employment

Day jobs aside, volunteers pitch in at the Migrant Workers’ Centre, forming an unlikely crew for packing and distribution of sanitisers and daily essentials from Harry’s Singapore, Scoot airlines and NTUC. (READ MORE)
Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen, Alliance of Guest Worker Outreach (AGWO)

Rev Samuel Gift Stephen: “They are my brothers”

Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen leaves his Yishun home each day at 9am, going dormitory to dormitory to keep track of what workers need.... (READ MORE)
HIA there, and everywhere. Regular volunteers from Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) packing in dates for Muslim workers confined to dormitories. Packing for essential items, as well as dates for sharing, were completed at the TSL Building in Eunos in time for the Ramadan-Vesak Day distribution, together with hot meals.

Boots for the Walk, Not Just the Talk

TWO YELLOW wellingtons on Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen’s T-shirt are a reminder to walk a mile in the shoes of labourers in shipyards and construction. The logo now represents the boots on the ground the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach has become to foreign workers here. (READ MORE)