Ms Emily Yap, a full-time nurse at Alexandra Hospital, is passionate about championing the needs of the elderly and lower-income individuals or families. For that reason, she started teaching digital skills to the elderly in her community in her spare time.

Helping the Elderly Navigate the Digital Frontier

From using online payment platforms to booking appointments at hospitals, Ms Emily Yap has made it her mission to help the elderly with basic digital literacy.
Under Ms June Eng’s lead, Boys’ Town offered a 10-day sabbatical every five years for all full-time staff, allowing them to take time off work and sign-up for courses of their choice.

Transforming Boys’ Town’s Work Culture by Caring First for its Staff

How Ms June Eng brought her corporate sector experience to the Boys’ Town family and supported the development of its staff.

Inspiring Women, Strengthening Families

PPIS President Hazlina Abdul Halim on why uplifting women, children, and families in Singapore is more relevant today than ever.