Bernard Menon: The Accidental Activist

He’s spent his entire career — 23 years — working his way around issues related to migrant worker welfare, interacting with laws and regulations related to the community. At the Migrant Workers’ Centre, his team currently manages a caseload of about 4,000 a year; a career he calls “quite incidental”... (READ MORE)

Beverly Tan: Turning Giving into a Family Project

Life for Beverly Tan, founder of the “COVID-19 Support Group” on Facebook, was already hectic before the circuit breaker, well, broke. At the start of the year, she and her husband Farley Lim, who wed in September 2019, we're staying at Beverly’s parents’ in the Boon Keng area, as they made plans to renovate their new apartment... (READ MORE)
Josef Lee, Writer/Artist, Founder and Creative Director, MOJO Studio

Josef Lee: MOJO for Healthcare Professionals

As the world’s focus shifted towards the spread of COVID-19 at the start of the year, Josef Lee, 41, turned his lens to the stories of healthcare professionals (HCPs); frontliners who selflessly fight to save the sick and dying every day... (READ MORE)