Peace and Daniel Lim, 18 and 15, distribute items to migrant workers

Teenagers, But Already Pros at Crisis Relief

Singaporean teens have been helping in overseas crisis situations since they were in kindergarten. Over the past pandemic year, the siblings have directed their efforts homeward.
Rescuers of produce handle the hard work of collecting fruit and vegetables from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market.

Community Fridges: When Food Waste is Good Enough to Eat

Reducing food waste while feeding those who most need it is a group that hauls, sorts and distributes produce every week to community fridges islandwide. Uncover how Fridge Restock Community SG, as well as volunteers such as Sandy Goh and Daniel Tay are stopping food from going straight to your waste.
Daniel Tay, 41, a retired financial advisor, works part-time at his friend’s minimart in Little India. He is the go-to person for groups or individuals keen on food rescuing or who would like to start a community fridge here.

Daniel Tay: Freegan for the People

How freegan, Mr Daniel Tay adopted a more frugal lifestyle to reduce his carbon footprint and find fulfilment rescuing discarded food.