Raydy, Set, Give!

Some businesses go years before launching a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. But the COVID-19 crisis accelerated “Raydy Gives” for Raydy Beehoon, run by hall mates Mr Lee Ray Sheng, 20; Ms Sheila Lim, 19; Mr Zechary Hoe, 22; Ms Ye Anran, 21. (READ MORE)

Alternative Employment

Day jobs aside, volunteers pitch in at the Migrant Workers’ Centre, forming an unlikely crew for packing and distribution of sanitisers and daily essentials from Harry’s Singapore, Scoot airlines and NTUC. (READ MORE)
Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen, Alliance of Guest Worker Outreach (AGWO)

Rev Samuel Gift Stephen: “They are my brothers”

Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen leaves his Yishun home each day at 9am, going dormitory to dormitory to keep track of what workers need.... (READ MORE)