June 13, 2020
Photos and Words by: Caroline Chia


ixty-seven children from Winchester Infant Care and Preschool, aged two to six, have received face shields and hand sanitiser donated by Temasek Foundation.

The school has decided to get all their children to decorate social distancing hats “to create a sense of ownership and to help each child appreciate their own uniqueness,” said Ms Valerie Francis, principal of the school. “It also makes it easier for teachers to identify each child’s hat.”

Children at Winchester Infant Care and Preschool also do not wear uniforms, so that they may express their fashion.

With social distancing measures implemented in all schools here, everyone aged two years and above has to wear face shields or masks in school, and keep a set distance from each other.

This has been a challenge for both teachers and children, especially the younger ones. Ms Francis said that the younger children do not understand personal boundaries and are constantly on the move. It will take time and practice for them to get used to the new regulations.

“I worry that social distancing would hinder children’s social development. It has been hard to keep a balance between the two,” she added. 

To help the children get used to the new rules, the school has made it fun by incorporating activities and games about hand-washing, as well as creating personal pods for each child within each classroom. Pictures of germs have also been placed on benches to remind children to sit apart.

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