Josef Lee, Writer/Artist, Founder and Creative Director, MOJO Studio

Josef Lee: MOJO for Healthcare Professionals

As the world’s focus shifted towards the spread of COVID-19 at the start of the year, Josef Lee, 41, turned his lens to the stories of healthcare professionals (HCPs); frontliners who selflessly fight to save the sick and dying every day... (READ MORE)
Straits Clan Community Kitchen

Chefs on a Mission: Building a Community Kitchen

Chefs Daniel Sia of The Lo & Behold Group and Damian D’Silva of Kin, together with other top chefs in the country, joined their recipes and hearts to provide meals for more than 400 migrant workers in need of food support... (READ MORE)

Raydy, Set, Give!

Some businesses go years before launching a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. But the COVID-19 crisis accelerated “Raydy Gives” for Raydy Beehoon, run by hall mates Mr Lee Ray Sheng, 20; Ms Sheila Lim, 19; Mr Zechary Hoe, 22; Ms Ye Anran, 21. (READ MORE)