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2nd Booster recommended for those 60+

Those aged 60+ are advised to get a second messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) Covid-19 booster from 5 months after their first booster.  📆 The second booster will continue to be offered to all those aged 50 to 59. We need to keep our vaccinations up to date, to prepare for possible future infection waves. 💪

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Still not sure if your grandchildren should be vaccinated? 👦🏽👧🏻👦🏼👧🏾

Although fewer children have been seriously ill with Covid-19 compared to adults, they can, in some cases, become seriously ill or develop severe Covid-19 complications, such as MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children). Vaccination protects children from developing a severe infection if they get infected. Are Covid-19 vaccines safe for children? 🤔 Only Covid-19 vaccines

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Stay connected with loved ones in care homes, hospitals, or in isolation

Stay connected with loved ones in care homes, hospitals, or in isolation We all need to feel connected to the outside world. For people living...

Learning new digital skills

Learning new digital skills can be hard for anyone. But Emily Yap, a full-time nurse and digital literacy volunteer makes it easy for seniors.Here...

👴👵Do you have a loved one who has Parkinson’s disease?

A new two-year Parkinson’s Disease (PD) community care programme has been launched by the National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Temasek Foundation,...

Going Abroad? Avoid Travel-Related Scams 🚢✈️🚃🚘

Yes, we can travel more as Covid-19 restrictions ease! But scams related to travel are rising too. So before you start packing be aware,...

“Brain foods” aren’t just a myth! 🧠

Struggling to remember things you should, or finding yourself thinking too slow? Eating more of these “brain foods” could help! Avocados 🥑 Avocados are full of...