Stay connected with loved ones in care homes, hospitals, or in isolation

We all need to feel connected to the outside world. For people living in care homes, staying in touch has always been more of a challenge, particularly with family members living overseas. And over these last few years, the fluctuating Covid-19 pandemic has made essential connections more difficult, even when loved ones live nearby.

From using technology to in-person visits, it’s almost always possible to connect. Here’s what you can do to keep in touch:

Video calls. Keep in touch with them via voice or video call. A conversation with a resident can cheer them up — with just the sound of your voice! Family celebrations also need not exclude frailer nursing home residents. Video call or share a live stream with them so that they too can “attend” weddings, graduations, or even grandchildren’s school recitals from the safety of their own room.

Write to them or send gifts. Snail mail, written notes, flowers, and thoughtful care packages will always be appreciated.

Traditional, tried and true. And of course, always try to visit them in person, which allows for the warmest connections, complete with hugs and kisses, that technology can’t provide. While visitor restrictions may have been lifted as of Nov 24, 2022, it’s best to check with each home or hospital about their guidelines before visiting friends or family.

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