Staff of the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film return to their centre for the first time since the start of the Circuit Breaker to find weeds taking over its once-pristine forecourt. They take the opportunity to start moving framed photographs from their last exhibition before closing from the Chapel Gallery to the administrative block to prepare for the next phase of re-opening.

Keeping Singapore’s Arts and Heritage Alive

Little by little, Ms Lim Su Pei and her team at OH! Open House watched two years of planning implode over the course of the COVID-19 situation. The independent arts group’s first international show in its 10 years of operation, WOOD 2020, aimed to turn old factories into living exhibition spaces... (READ MORE)
It’s been almost two months since Ruzaini Syazwan, 29, started the Umbrella Initiative, a project that provides meals for the needy and homeless. The full-time nursing student started out delivering the food on his own, but the project has since expanded to a 9-person team.

Ruzaini Syazwan: Juggling School and Delivering Food for the Homeless

The Umbrella Initiative started as a Ramadan project to deliver food to the needy and homeless, but full-time nursing student, Ruzaini Syazwan, has plans to continue helping those who fall through the cracks... (READ MORE)
How Children are Social Distancing with Style

How Children are Social Distancing with Style

DIY social distancing hats help pre-schoolers show off their uniqueness while learning about new safety measures in class.