June 1, 2020
Photos & Words by: Caroline Chia

Mr Manuel Welen has a haircut and shave in time for his 68th birthday on June 1, 2020. 

He is one of many seniors living alone in Cassia Crescent.

About a week ago, the Cassia Resettlement Team learnt that Mr Welen wanted to have his hair trimmed before his birthday. The volunteer group then informed the Silver Generation Office (SGO) and arrangements were made for Ms Joanne Toh (right), a hairdresser, to stop by Mr Welen’s home. 

“I look much younger now,” Mr Welen joked as he admired his cut and shave.

The SGO has been helping seniors run errands during the Circuit Breaker so that they can stay home. Occasionally, they receive special requests like changing light bulbs, repairing electronics and getting haircuts. 

Many of these seniors do not have family members and are dependent on the help of volunteers like Ms Toh. 

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