Recycling isn’t as simple as just throwing things inside the blue bins you see all around Singapore.

Here’s how to recycle right:

Check the label ?️
Not sure what can be recycled in the bins or not? Refer to the handy label on every bin:
Glass – jars, bottles, bowls
Paper – newspapers, cardboard boxes
Plastic – PET bottles, used for mineral water, sauces, washing liquids
Metal – tin and aluminium cans

There’s no need to sort the different materials – they will be sorted after collection.

Wash your recyclables ?
Make sure everything you’re recycling is clean. Wash and rinse out all containers before bagging them and placing them in blue bins. Those that are contaminated with food and cannot be washed properly should be disposed as general waste.

Recycle your e-waste too! ?
E-waste, which includes light bulbs, batteries, and other electrical devices, cannot go in the blue bins. There are special disposal points for e-waste all over Singapore.

? Refer to for a list of these locations. 

Don’t forget the other two R’s

Recycling is just one of the three R’s. If your old or under-utilised items are still in good condition, donate them instead to be Reused, or do your part to cut down on waste by Reducing your use of disposables!

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