Many people are receiving unsolicited job offers via messaging apps and social media. Very often, people posing as potential employers will offer high paying jobs which require very little time commitment or effort. Sometimes, you may also be asked to pay additional fees such as insurance or membership.

Don’t fall prey to these scams! Stay safe with these five tips:

1. Don’t respond to dubious job offers?️
If you receive an unsolicited job offer, always verify the authenticity of the offer with the hiring company through their official channels.

2. Don’t allow others to access your bank account ?
Never allow others, including your “employers”, to use your bank account to conduct transactions. They may steal from you or commit fraud using your personal details.

3. Don’t use unverified apps ?
Do not download unverified apps from unknown sources to apply for a job.

4. Don’t pay to secure a job offer ?
You should never be asked to pay to secure a job offer.

5. Block these numbers or accounts immediately ?
This will prevent the same scammers from persistently contacting you.

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