If we keep producing waste at this rate, Semakau Landfill — our only landfill — will be full by 2035! What’s a major source of waste? Our beloved hawker centres — because of all that single-use takeaway food packaging, plastic bags, cups, and straws.

So how can we cut down on our single-use packaging at hawker centres, and even save some money? It’s easier than you think. Here are 5 ways to reduce packaging waste at hawker centres.

  1. Bring your tingkat – just like the old days ?

Hawkers often charge you for dabao packaging. By bringing your own tingkat or container, you could save at least 30 cents a day – which is $2.10 every week.

  1. Use reusable bottles or cups when ordering drinks. ?☕

You’re not only saving the planet, but you can also bring your drink along with you in a safe, spill-proof bottle.

  1. Use a reusable spoon for your sauce. ?

Instead of using those plastic containers, take an extra spoon or just pour that sauce on the side of your plate!

  1. Ask for reusable utensils! ?

When eating at hawker centres, avoid using wooden chopsticks and plastic forks to reduce waste.

  1. Don’t call for delivery! ?

Deliveries always use lots of disposable plastics and delivery fees can be high. Slip on your shoes and take a leisurely stroll to the hawker centre instead. You’ll get your exercise for the day, and you might even meet some friends along the way.

How else can we reduce waste and save some money too? Share your tips with us!

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