Beyond Borders: How Youths in Singapore Continue to Help Children Overseas

With travel restrictions in place, youths continue to challenge the limits of e-learning by volunteering abroad — digitally.
Ms Fong Jiawen, 22, (left) straps a cuff on Ms Bernice Chai, 40, to take her blood pressure. These health screening booths were originally designed as mass screening swab booths and have been repurposed by CTS’s student organisers.

Pandemic-proof Health Screening Services for the Community

The future of health monitoring is here, as PhD students drive an initiative to make health screening services more accessible through telemedicine.
Project Grant a Wish

Granting a Fresh Start for 2021

Up to 367 children across Singapore set aside worn out bags and stationery for all-new supplies — made possible by volunteers who spent months intensely collecting items on wish lists, checking them twice, then wrapping these presents.