Safeguarding Mental Health: The Hallmark of Ethical Leadership

Raising mental health awareness and the significance of ethical leadership at the launch of Temasek Foundation’s Momentum Tea webinar series.
Dr Tham Tuck Seng, 50, dons PPE before heading to a patient’s home, in July last year. Even after it was no longer required for doctors to wear PPE during house calls, Dr Tham continued to wear them to safeguard both the patient and himself.

First (Responder) Family Fights Covid-19

How a family of healthcare workers did their part at the front lines to help Singapore beat the challenges of Covid-19.
An SIA flight stewardess guides students from Northlight School on the basics of inflight service in a mockup cabin of an Airbus A380

‘Inside Singapore Airlines’ Takes Flight and Gives Back

While flying has not been an option for many, 400 beneficiaries from select charities had the chance to explore a very different SIA inflight experience.